Recover lost files from Android phone

Majority of the smart phones today use Android as an operating system. Presently, Android phones have the largest market and the highest sold operating system for touch screen mobiles. Android added multitasking before Apple could add them and became a competitor of Apples iPhone. You can identify an android product by its logo i.e. a green robot designed in a human form. Open Handset Alliance was the first to develop and launch Android which was later led by Google.

Android Operating System is generally built based on Linux platform. Android is released as an open source code under Apache license. Due to this advantage developer could modify the code and bring about changes in it. Hence, this is why different cell phones have different graphical user interface though all of them use the same operating system. Android phones are equipped with many inbuilt applications and support for third party tools. All Android phones have an Android market from where they can download and use different apps for entertainment and other task. As the demand for smart phones are growing up it is leading to the popularity of Android operating system. Android consist of sufficient internal memory, but in case there is a need for extra memory then user can use external storage device like memory cards. Similar to other operating system, even Android users are undergoing data loss problems. During such instances opt for a recovery tool that is designed to restore files from android operating system. One among such tools is Android Recovery software which has the features and quality to recover lost data from Android in any extreme data loss situations.

Let’s discuss some events that may cause loss of files from Android phones:

  • Memory card corruption: Android smart phones use memory card as an external source of memory. When files are written and stored on this device sometimes there might be a need to transfer them to your computers in order to perform some task. Due to this memory cards are removed and attached to the memory slot often when the files as to be copied. This random use can cause logical damage to flash cards which results in loss of files.
  • Spyware attack: Spyware are infectious programs whose main functionality is to destroy data or cause some abnormal behavior on the files. These can infect your Androids file when you download any attachment from the internet or if you connect any infected memory card to your Android phones. The result of malware infection might be a loss of file or inaccessible files
  • Improper use: For better maintenance of the files on Android, these phones should be carefully handled by users. Sometimes they fail to do so. They use the Android phones so randomly that they end up in either corrupting the file system or causing some logical problem to the storage devices. Due to this most of the Android users end up losing files stored on these phones

Android Recovery is one of the most eminent tools used by today’s Android users to recover the lost files. This tool can restore lost files from USB, memory cards and other compatible storage devices. The files from Android phones can be recovered when they are connected to Windows operating system versions like XP, 7, 8, Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008. Using this utility you can retrieve files after virus attack when there is a loss of file due to severe malware infections.

With the assistance of this tool one can recover lost photos, documents, spreadsheets, animations, .apk files. You can also retrieve files from improperly mounted SD cards. This tool can create replica of image files of SD card so that it can be helpful for recovery in later stage

Steps to restore lost files from Android:

Step 1: Download the tool on your compatible Windows system and install the software. Next, connect the Android phone to your computer and launch the application. From the first screen select “Recover Lost Files” option.

Recover Lost File - Android Main Screen

Step 2: On the next screen select the Android phones from which you have lost or deleted your file and click on “Next” option.

Recover Lost File - Android Select Drive Screen

Step 3: When the list is provided select your required file and preview it using “Preview” option. Later save it back to the drive you wish after purchasing the software.

Recover Lost File- Android Preview File Screen